The next British Airways Retrojet arrives

এই লেখাটি 96 বার পঠিত

The next British Airways Retrojet arrives.

The plane flew in from Dublin Airport this morning (9th March), where it was repainted.

This aircraft regains a lot of things from a historical viewpoint – as this plane was delivered from Boeing in this livery. which it wore until the Utopia tails scheme came along. Those vanished, and fly the livery we know today as “Historical Chatham Dockyard”. It also regains its original name of “City of Swansea”.

The Landor livery first entered service in 1984 – replacing the Negus livery that had been introduced when BOAC and BEA merged in 1974. This was designed by Landor Associates, as part of the preparation for the privatisation of the airline.

The BOAC Speedbird was changed to a red speedwing, and new titles were introduced on the body, including the airline’s coat of arms – “To fly, To Serve”

In a nod to the 100 year anniversary, there is also a BA100 logo on the rear of the fuselage is as on display.

The plane will retain this livery until 2023 when the aircraft is retired from service.

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