MH370 wreckage ‘recovered by Malaysian government’

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MH370 wreckage ‘recovered by Malaysian government’

MH370 researcher Noel O’Gara, who has spent five years studying the plane’s disappearance, said all the evidence points to the Malaysian government knowing its final movements.
He told Daily Star Online authorities would have kept tabs on MH370 from the moment it vanished from radar and would have been well placed to remove the wreckage.

Noel believes the plane may have been hijacked, leading to its downing.

This would have happened over the Indian Ocean when the plane turned back over the Andaman Islands and appeared to head back towards Kuala Lumpur, it’s claimed.

“Most likely MH370 is still lying on the sea bed in that area of the Indian Ocean,” he said.

“Unless the Malaysian government recovered it later.”

Speaking about this extraordinary theory, Noel said Malaysian authorities could have had the time, means and motive to move the wreckage.

Noel said: “Of course this is speculation, but it’s founded on the facts that the three sets of witnesses saw it go down — and despite the biggest search ever in the most likely places — it was never found.

“It’s also supported by the flaperon — the most vulnerable part in a crash landing — and also a few other parts found off East Africa believed to be from MH370.”

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