Australian airlines looking to host water safety videos on every flight after summer drownings

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Australian airlines

Australian airlines looking to host water safety videos on every flight after summer drownings.

Australia’s four major airlines are working towards implementing on-board water safety videos on every flight, following urgent calls made by leading lifesaving authorities in light of the 114 drowning deaths this summer.

Following reporting by, Australia’s two highest water safety bodies – Surf Lifesaving Australia and the Royal Lifesaving Society Australia – united last month in calling for action to turn around the country’s tragic drowning death toll. understands Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas and Tigerair Australia are all in discussions or have committed to implementing the videos on their aircraft, where in-flight entertainment screens are available.
A Virgin Australia Airlines spokesperson told the carrier has renewed a partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia to screen water safety videos on all domestic and international flights.

“We regularly update our inflight entertainment content and we’re in the process of updating the content provided to us by Surf Life Saving Australia,” a statement said.

“We expect the new videos to be available over the coming months.

“Virgin Australia Airlines has provided passengers with access to water and beach safety educational videos through our In-Flight Entertainment system across our domestic and international flights since 2017.
“We look forward to continuing our work with Surf Lifesaving Australia to share these important water safety and beach safety messages on-board our flights and help educate our passengers”.

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia’s subsidiary airline company Tigerair Australia has also committed to hosting water safety videos on-board its planes, pending a future in-flight entertainment announcement.

TigerAir Australia planes do not currently have the video screen capability to show the safety messages, but understands the airline has committed to making sure they are available on every flight operated by the company when those screens are put in place.

“Tigerair Australia will commit to hosting Surf Life Saving water safety messages on flights where it has in-flight entertainment capability,” a spokesperson said.
Qantas this summer partnered with Surf Life Saving Australia to host limited-distribution water safety video messages on some of its flights destined for 21 coastal destinations in six states.

The videos were deliverable in multiple languages and advised local and international tourists to swim between the flags at patrolled beaches during their journeys.

A Qantas spokesperson has told those announcements ran until the beginning of April. understands the success of the on-board videos are now being reviewed internally, with the option of expanding them to every single flight still being considered for the future.

A spokesperson for Jetstar, told the airline has been working with Qantas – its parent company – in the review, with the end goal of water safety videos being played on-board every flight that has the capacity to host them.

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