Australia’s JetGo to take delivery of first ERJ-145

781JetGo Australia (JG, Brisbane Int’l) is expecting to take delivery of its first 50-seat ERJ-145, currently designated N16999 (msn 145307) and shortly to be re-registered VH-JGR, which is at Phoenix Williams Gateway airport while it undergoes final checks.

The aircraft will join JetGo’s active fleet of two 36-seat ERJ-135s and two 44-seat ERJ-140s. In an e-mailed statement to ch-aviation, the carrier’s managing director Paul Bredereck confirmed that a second ERJ-145 is due to join the fleet in December as VH-JGK (msn 145318).

JetGo operates scheduled flights in eastern Australia, mainly serving regional airports and thin routes in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It will launch Wollongong flights at the end of this month, and also offers ad hoc charter and FIFO (fly in – fly out) flights to the mining and energy communities.

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