American Airlines Mechanics Need a Contract, Not an Injunction

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American Airlines Mechanics Need a Contract, Not an Injunction.

The following is a statement from Richard Honeycutt, Vice President of Communications Workers of America District 3 and Chair of the CWA Airlines Council, in response to news that American Airlines has filed for a preliminary injunction against the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the Transport Workers Union of America. The TWU-IAM association has been attempting to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement for mechanics and ramp workers at American for five years.

“CWA’s passenger service agents are united in support of the members of the TWU-IAM association at American Airlines and their fight for a fair contract. Our passengers deserve to travel on safe and reliable aircraft, and sending more maintenance work to offshore contractors does not meet the high standards that American should be striving to achieve.

“American Airlines earned nearly $2 billion last year in pre-tax income. Instead of investing that money in its dedicated workforce and to improve the passenger experience the company is spending billions on stock buybacks to line the pockets of shareholders and executives.

“Mechanics at American Airlines need a fair contract that protects their jobs, their health care and their retirement security, not an injunction.”

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