Airlines should serve passengers GREGGS on flights

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Airlines should serve passengers GREGGS on flights.

Forget those tiny boxes of Pringles, nuts and plastic tubs of roast dinners we’re left with no choice but to eat on flights abroad.

Just this week Jet2 announced it would be serving Nandos to passengers on flights this summer – welcome news for fans of the restaurant chain.
In response to the news, LeedsLive decided to open up the conversation to what else Leeds folk would like to tuck into mid-flight.

And there was only one winner…

We chose three of the most popular chains in this part of the world – Greggs, McDonald’s and Subway – along with the choice of ‘other’ for suggestions.

And it looks like while holiday-makers might want to escape the country for a couple of weeks, they want to take their pasties, sausage rolls and yum yums with them!

Greggs clinched 40 per cent of vote, with McDonald’s a close second ahead of Subway.

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