Technical issue leads to more flight cancellations for PSA Airlines

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Passengers on flights headed to Charlotte Douglas International Airport Sunday are facing delays, according to the flight-tracking site Flight-aware.
Flights headed to Charlotte will be held at their origin airport until 4 p.m., FlightAware said Sunday afternoon. The stop was originally expected to end at 3 p.m.
One of American Airlines’ regional carriers, PSA Airlines, was having a technical issue that caused delays Sunday, an American Airlines spokesman said. The ground stop is part of an effort to control PSA Airlines traffic to Charlotte, he said.
Delays related to PSA Airlines began in Charlotte Thursday and caused two ground stops Sunday. The earlier stop was lifted before 10:30 a.m.
A technical issue with the regional carrier caused more than 120 Charlotte flights to be canceled on Thursday, and the issues continued into Friday morning, Charlotte Douglas said on Twitter.
Hundreds of people were stranded at the airport Thursday night, some of them sleeping on floors. Other airports were also affected.
PSA Airlines normally operates more than 800 daily flights to United States destinations east of Ohio, where the American Airlines Group-owned company is based, according to its website.

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