Flight from Rome to Chicago diverted to Ireland

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A United Airlines flight from Rome to Chicago has been diverted to Ireland’s Shannon Airport after a message perceived as a potential security concern was discovered on board, Irish police and airline officials said.

The message made reference to a bomb on the plane, a source with knowledge of the investigation told Reuters.

A United Airlines plane had to be diverted after a bomb threat onboard.


A United Airlines plane had to be diverted after a bomb threat onboard.

The 207 passengers and 11 crew members disembarked from the Boeing 767-330 at Shannon Airport at 2.15pm, according to Jim Molloy, a representative of Ireland’s police force.

“The passengers have disembarked and the plane and passengers are in the process of being searched,” they added.

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United Airlines Boeing 767-322 flight from Rome to Chicago was diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland on Monday after a hand writing message referred to a bomb on the plane was discovered on board

The passengers of flight UA971 were in the process of being searched, he said in an emailed statement, but gave no further details about the nature of the threat.

United said in a statement that the landing was due to “a potential security concern,” but declined to comment further.

It’s believed that there had been a handwritten note claiming there was a bomb on board discovered in the toilet.

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