Plane passengers left TERRIFIED after MYSTERIOUS SMOKE

এই লেখাটি 69 বার পঠিত

TERRIFIED passengers were forced to evacuate from a flight just moments before take off after the cabin filled with smoke and the crew shouted orders to adopt the brace position.

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The carrier has apologised for the incident

All 137 passengers and crew were ordered off the All Nippon Airways Aircraft on Tuesday morning.

The flight had been due to take off from Narita Airport, Tokyo, at around 9:45am local time.

However, the Hong Kong bound plane was kept on the tarmac when a “mist” washed through the cabin.

The weird smoke was apparently caused by an “internal lubricant”.

The airline said a damaged power unit caused the mist when the “internal lubricant” made its way into the air conditioning system.

Footage posted on social media appears to show members of the cabin crew telling customers to adopt the brace position.

A spokesman for the airline has apologised for the incident.

They said: “We deeply apologise for the concern and inconvenience caused to customers.”

Japan’s transport ministry suspect the smoke was caused by an oil leak vaporising and making its way into the cabin.

They added there wasn’t any evidence of a fire in the plane’s cabin.

The flight was rescheduled and the passengers were due to complete their journey to Hong Kong on Tuesday.


Reports on Tuesday suggested a flight in Turkey also found itself in difficulty.

An Onur Air flight heading from Turkey to Russia plummeted more than 30,000 feet in just five minutes, after the aircraft experienced a loss of cabin pressure.

Video from inside the plane shows oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling and petrified passengers putting them on.

The pilots were forced to make an emergency landing at Volgograd airport.

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