Frontier Airlines Is Offering Free Flights to Passengers With ‘Green’ Last Names

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Frontier Airlines Is Offering Free Flights to Passengers With ‘Green’ Last Names.

Looking to sneak away for a cheap, last-minute summer vacay? Looks like Frontier Airlines may have you covered—if your last name is “Green” or “Greene,” that is.

The Colorado-based airline is giving away flights of up to $400 in value to promote its “Green Week,” CNN reports. The initiative is meant to draw attention to Frontier’s eco-friendliness.

It does come with certain caveats, of course. First, you have to book a domestic flight that leaves on August 13. So, next Tuesday. Better start coughing and selling your coworkers on the idea that you caught a “summer flu” now. Second, your last name must legally be Greene or Green (and if you’re flying with spouses, kids, mamas, and cousins—their name must be Green too). Third, you do have to pay for your flight upfront; Frontier will then refund you the cost of your trip by September 15. And if you’re buying roundtrip tickets, you must return by August 20.

Finally, you have to fly Frontier—the Megabus of the sky (Not to be confused with Spirit Air, the Greyhound bus of the sky). Which, depending on where you’re going in the continental U.S., might be worth it? Where would our patron saint of summer, Megan Thee Stallion, fly to? (Trick question, she’d obviously drive a boat.)

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