Disney to launch airline in the US

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Plane landing by sunrise

Disney to launch airline in the US.

The Walt Disney Company reportedly plans to launch an airline featuring characters as ground staff and Buzz Lightyear as the voice of the captain.

Disney plans to acquire small regional airlines in the US from 2021 to launch its own domestic airline, fan site JustDisney.com reported.

The airline will link Orlando, Florida, home to Walt Disney World, with major hubs such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Detroit.

In China, Disney-themed planes operated by China Eastern Airlines transport passengers to Shanghai, home of a Disney Resort.

Disney songs will play as passengers board and disembark and the the company’s new streaming service will form part of the inflight entertainment, the site, which said it has “ears” within the project, stated.

There is also talk of having characters interact with passengers before cabin doors close and Buzz Lightyear, star of the animated Toy Story franchise, deliver the captain’s welcome message.

The Los Angeles-based media and entertainment conglomerate already has an on-ground transport service, Magical Express, which shuttles passengers between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

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