Several Canadian Airlines Are Among The Worst In The World

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Several Canadian Airlines Are Among The Worst In The World

Flying anywhere is stressful enough without having to deal with the delays, cancellations, and gate changes. But quite honestly, delays have been so common on some Canadian airlines that it is just expected at this point. According to a new study, Canadian airlines are among the worst in the world for flight delays.

According to a new study, all but one Canadian airline ranked at the bottom of the list for on-time performance. Altogether 125 airlines were surveyed during the ranking. Coming in at number one out of all the Canadian airlines was WestJet. At 57th place, it has settled with 77.1% of flights arriving on time.

Our nation’s worst performer was Sunwing. In fact, this airline is so bad for delays, that it was rated the second-worst airline in the entire world, coming in at 124th place! Apparently, only 57.8% of its flights arrive and depart on time.

Sunwing’s insanely low rating on the list isn’t surprising isn’t all that alarming considering the hot water it has been under recently. Earlier this year, Sunwing was fined $694,500 by the Canadian Transportation Agencyfor flight delays, losing baggage, and more!

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