Bangkok Hospital is always ahead of others

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Dhaka : You are not getting well despite treatment? Or are the doctors unable to diagnose your ailments?

For that reason, are you seeking a second opinion? It’s time for you to visit Bangkok Hospital, Thailand.

In such cases the Bangkok Hospital can help you a lot, said Dr Shakti R Paul, Internal Medicine Specialist of Bangkok Hospital Thailand and Adviser, Bangkok Hospital Office Bangladesh. He often visits as Bangladesh is one of the countries he looks after as an adviser of BHOBD offices representation of the famous Thai hospital.

Bangkok Hospital, Thailand opened in 1972 by a team of physicians, pharmacists and 30 nurses, is now one of the largest privately-owned hospitals of Southeast Asia.

The original hospital became the Bangkok Hospital Group, now Thailand’s largest hospital operator with 46 hospitals in major cities throughout Thailand and some other countries of South Asia.

Dr. Shakti said, while other hospitals cut back their facilities during the Asian financial crisis, it had no impact on Bangkok Hospital Group.

The group not only emerged safe and sound, it purchased some of the hospitals that were not doing so well, thereby increasing not only the number of hospitals under it but also the array of treatment offer.

Dr. Shakti said, “They had five hospitals when I joined. Now they have 46. They have state-of-the-art equipment which other hospitals lack or are way behind. All kinds of treatment are done under the same campus of Bangkok Hospital Thailand.

Dr. Shakti said, all specialties are integrated and Bangkok Hospital is always one or two steps ahead of other hospitals of Thailand with all the modern facilities and technologies.

Sitting a comparison with hospitals in Bangladesh, he said we usually in the most cases do not take veins from the leg for heart bypass operation. It lasts for only seven years on average. At Bangkok Hospital we do all-artery graft, which is safer and lasts longer.

The hospital is operating its office since 2002 and patients wishing to avail treatment in Bangkok Hospital can visit its offices in three locations in Bangladesh.

The Bangkok Hospital doctor said earlier about 50 to 60 patients used to come to us in a month. Now similar number of patients comes to us in a day for consultations.

The patients who come to us suffer mostly from cancer, neuro, heart, orthop-aedics diseases, and also general medicine.

“Ours is a one-stop service”, said Dr. Shakti Paul, who is also the Chairman, Life and Health Ltd. We set up appointments – for Bangladeshi patients with doctors in Bangkok – from our Bangladesh offices. If anyone wants air ticket or visa support, we do it through our travel trade partner Sanjar Aviation.

We also provide emergency air evacuation/Air Ambulance service exclusively for Bangladeshi patient when required, he said.

Life and Health officials draw up the patients’ health profile in two or three pages and note down the generic names of the medicines s/he is taking and e-mail it to Bangkok Hospital. The whole procedure is confidential, Dr. Shakti said.

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