Customs seizes 6kg gold at Dhaka airport

এই লেখাটি 176 বার পঠিত

The Customs Intelligence has seized around 6 kilograms of gold and detained two passengers over the seizure in Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport.
The two detained passengers, Keramat Ali and ‘Lokman’, flew to the capital from Chittagong on a Regent Airways flight on Thursday evening, Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate Director General Moinul Khan told.

He said the customs agents found 31 pieces of gold hidden inside their blazers, shoes and mobile-phone covers.

The pieces included 28 gold biscuits weighing 2.8kg in total and three gold bars weighing 1kg each, Moinul said.

The current market price of 5.8kg gold is around Tk 30 million, the CIID chief said.

The Regent Airways flight arrived from Bangkok, and the customs detectives believe the gold was handed to the duo by another passenger from Bangkok.

Moinul said they were initiating legal action against the two detained passengers.

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