Jet Airways’ flight to Lucknow gets grounded at Jaipur

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Jet Airways’ flight to Lucknow gets grounded at JaipurJet Airways’ much-hyped Indore-Jaipur-Lucknow flight was terminated at Jaipur on Saturday. While airlines staff blamed technical fault, passengers alleged it was discontinued at Jaipur as there were only six passengers for Lucknow. These passengers later travelled to Lucknow on another flight after spending two hours in aircraft and bus on tarmac.

The flight was started amid fanfare on July 17. On Saturday, flight 9W2830 departed from the city airport at 1.40pm and landed at Jaipur at 2.45 pm. It was to depart for Lucknow at 3.15 pm. One of the passengers, Banwari Lal Informed Free Press all passengers barring six who had to fly to Lucknow, had alighted from the 120-seater aircraft. The flight never took off.

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