• Free Southwest Airlines tickets?

    If you’ve been waiting for me to give away those free Southwest Airlines tickets, your wait is over. It’s the last few days of your favorite consumer advocacy site’s spring fundraiser, and I’m ready to send tickets to a few lucky supporters. Twice a year, we raise money from readers to pay the bills. We’ve […]

  • how fresh is the food served in your airline meal?

    As the flight attendant works their way down the aisle with the trolley bearing your hot dinner at thirty-eight-thousand feet, you might wonder idly: how do meals get on the plane, and how long have they been sitting in the kitchen? Lunch on an airplane. Image by zoranm/Getty Images Things differ between long-haul and short-haul airlines, […]

  • Is it better to book long haul connections with the same airline

    It’s becoming easier and easier to fly long-haul these days, and there are some great deals to be had on cheaper airfares by connecting rather than flying nonstop. But people often ask me whether a particular set of connecting flights on different airlines are a good idea, and whether it’s better to book connections with […]

  • United Airlines ending flights from Manchester to Chicago

    People flying from Manchester to Chicago will soon no longer be able to get a direct flight with United Airlines. A spokesperson for United confirmed to News 9 on Sunday that, effective Sept. 5, the airline will no longer offer service between Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport. “As we continue to maximize […]

  • Airlines sweat it out, travellers save

    Holidaymakers have made hay this summer, cashing in on lower fares pretty much all across the country. Airlines, though, have felt the heat with the higher seat capacity raising the competition and lowering occupancies. While more passengers have flown to their destinations, this time around — near 12 million in May this year compared with […]

  • Mumbai-bound Jet Airways flight suffers after bird hit

    A Mumbai-bound Jet Airways flight was forced to return to the Rajkot airport today after it suffered a bird-hit during take-off, a senior official said. The Rajkot-Mumbai flight suffered a bird hit during take-off around 7.15 am, Rajkot Airport Director BK Das said. “After the bird-hit, the flight returned to the airport and was grounded. […]

  • Flight tickets as low as Rs 1,199

    As the monsoon sweeps across India, airlines are raining offers as they seek to push people to take to the skies during the lean season with tickets on some sectors as low as Rs 1,199. India’s biggest airline by market share IndiGo is offering fares as low as Rs 1,200 for domestic bookings till the […]

  • Airline BLACKLIST: Holidays in danger as banned flights list released

    Air safety officials have revealed the ban list is not exhaustive – meaning there could be hundreds of planes around the world that are not safe for people to travel on. The officials explained: “The civil aviation authorities of Member States of the European Union are only able to inspect aircraft of airlines that operate […]

  • American Airlines Crews Are Angry That They Can’t Give Customers Good Service

    Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. Oh, the trials and tribulations. Oh, the lack of libations. Yes, the tension between American Airlines Flight Attendants and their superiors seems lately to revolve around service that’s inferior. View From The Wing’s Gary Leff has […]

  • Southwest Airlines Is Adding Flights in Dallas as Delta

    In recent years, Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) and Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) have been embroiled in a legal fight over the limited space at Love Field, the closest airport to downtown Dallas. Southwest controls 18 of the airport’s 20 gates and wants to get as much use out of them as possible. Meanwhile, Delta wants to […]

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